About Me

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Although I am new to the teaching profession, I am hardly new to teaching.  I was a substitute teacher, I ran a state-licensed day care, and I have two wonderful children who I have been teaching for the past eight years.  My husband and I have instilled a strong love of learning in our children and I delight daily in the knowledge they learn from me, with me, and without me.  The look in a child's eye when something "clicks" is priceless. 

I graduated from Syracuse University with a degree in Public Relations and no real direction.  I worked for many years in the dot.com arena, spent time in marketing, and with my husband ran a high-tech company for a few years.  However, once my children were born my priorities shifted.  I no longer enjoyed the high-tech industry and craved instead to be home, learning and exploring with them.

When my youngest started kindergarten I started substitute teaching in their school.  My first day was PE!  I thought if I can survive that I can survive anything!  Teaching has always been a career that interested me, and after several months of substituting I was hooked. 

I'm fortunate that the wonderful Upper Valley Educators Institute is so close.  I spent the 2013/14 school year enrolled at UVEI and interning full time in two different class-rooms.  My fall placement was in a departmentalized 5th grade classroom where I learned a ton about lesson planning and how to "hook" 5th graders.  The kids were smart and funny and I enjoyed the experience.  My spring placement was a kindergarten classroom.  The children there were in their second half of kindergarten and therefore pros at school!  I was able to teach them daily, create a "neighborhood" UbD unit that everyone enjoyed, and build caring and trusting relationships with each of them.  The experiences obviously were quite different, but each taught me so much.

I am now a teaching assistant at a Montessori school.  I work in a mixed-age classroom with 3-6 year old students.  Each day I help with classroom and student management, teach individual and small group lessons, and learn about the Montessori philosophy. 

I look forward to continuing my path of learning as I guide children along their own paths.  Each day is a journey and I am enjoying every step.