Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getting closer...

Only 14 days until I graduate and can be an official teacher!  Only 13 days of school left!  Eeek!  The year has flown by.  I applied for my NH license yesterday.  All online and easy-peasy.  Now I'm gathering things for my VT license.  That is completely offline and a bit more of a process.  It will be worth it in the end though, when I'm a classroom teacher next year! 

I want to write a delightfully detailed post here, describing all that I have been doing and feeling these last few weeks... but unfortunately I am completely "written" out!  I'm working on ten "competency narratives" showing my beliefs, understandings, and experiences with the ten teacher internship competencies for my UVEI portfolio.  I recently finished my 60 page TCAP project, and I'm now working on cover letters, resumes, and interview portfolio.  Writing, writing, writing!  My kiddos complain of having to write two sentences and it's all I can do not to pull out the stacks (e-stacks, it's all in Google Docs!) of writing I've been doing lately!

I've read a few great books this spring, including How People Learn, Multiple Intelligences, Mindsets, and The Continuum of Literacy Learning.  Some more interesting than other.  In full disclosure, also The Goldfinch and Inferno. :)  Gotta have a little fun in there!

There is a lot going on at school as well.  Reading groups, math story problems, day and night studies, and more.   We should get a few more good days of education before the summer slide sets in! 

I will be back soon with deep thoughts and insightful comments, but for now every thought I have is going into my competency narratives and cover letters.  Writing, writing, writing.

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